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Three Questions to Ask to Protect Your Financial Health in Divorce

By Heather Baker-Mushkatel on

Our Phoenix divorce lawyers list three questions to ask to protect your financial health in divorce.

When a couple divorces, the parties must consider their shared assets and can benefit from trying to reach a settlement regarding how to divide property, money, debt. Working with an experienced Arizona family law attorney can help you protect your legal rights and your financial health as you navigate the divorce process.

When taking steps to protect your financial health before and during divorce, start by asking three important questions:

  • What obstacles should I expect if I go through with a divorce? Although you should speak to an attorney before you begin, your first step may depend in part on whether or not you expect a contentious split. If you expect conflict, your attorney can help you take specific precautions to protect your assets and resources early in the process.
  • What are our assets and liabilities? To answer this question, you may need to gather some financial information. Bank statements, insurance policies, investment paperwork, mortgage paperwork, and other information can help you determine your financial position. Your attorney will also need to review this information in order to provide sound advice and representation during the divorce process.
  • Will support be a concern? Spousal support, once known as “alimony,” is not awarded in all divorces because it is not always necessary. The presence of minor children will require a determination as to how visitation and decision making will be divided between the two parents. Your attorney can also help by explaining how Arizona law applies to your situation.

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