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Fred and Jeanne D.

Laura Still and her staff were most helpful and competent. We had a very good experience.

Herbert and Mary R.

Professional, personalized our experience. Friendly office. Papers arrived as expected. And, they are close to our home.

Jesus J.

Attorney Zachary Mushkatel is a very driven, passionate person, his commitment to you as a client and your case is evident from the moment you walk in the door. I highly recommend him as an attorney, he was very reassuring during my case, and really helped me understand all my options.

Mike Traher

Smart, professional, effective and efficient. I give Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker a glowing endorsement.


Over the years I have worked with many different law firms, both large and small. Small has always been my preference due to the higher levels of responsiveness and personal service, naturally Mushkatel and Becker seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately, in the past 2-3 years, I have personally had the need for legal counsel in multiple arenas from family law (divorce), estate planning, business matters, personal injury (car accident) and even dealings with the SEC due to being unknowingly lured into a ponzi scheme. Mushkatel & Becker has been second to none in providing me with sound legal guidance and representation in all of these different arenas. They are very practical in their approach, straightforward (which is not always the case with lawyers) and very reasonably priced. I’m sure you can find cheaper but I guarantee you won’t get the same level of quality – ultimately, you get what you pay for but with these guys I felt I got more value for my money.

Brian W.

I’ve personally received outstanding service and I’ve been spoiled by Zachary Mushkatel’s utmost professionalism. Great attorney with with real fire and true compassion for his clients.

I can honestly say I know I have the sharpest, most competent attorney in Arizona in Zachary Mushkatel. I don’t know many attorneys who will turn down your business if it’s not in your best interest, but he is honest and will always give you his best opinion for your particular situation, even when it doesn’t benefit him.

Thank you Zachary!

David McGrath and Kelley K.

Great job! Very thorough listened to all our needs. I would highly recommend their services!

S.B. K.

Heather Baker handled my divorce and she was helpful, thorough, understanding and knowledgeable. She helped me to understand and didn’t just do what I asked, she would explain and let me know all options. She also used the knowledge of the other lawyers in the office at times to make sure we had all the information and to get or ask for things I wouldn’t even thought of. She was very compassionate to the fact that it was a difficult and emotional time for me. It was expensive, but worth it, and cheap is not the way to go when your life and family are at stake.

Shanna W.

I had Heather Baker as my attorney. I have had a lengthy/unhealthy coparenting experience with my two children’s father (for 5 years). We had 5225 schedule and joint legal decision making… I filed for sole decision making and primary custody during the school year. Well Ms. Baker and I worked together (very hard) and won the case! It was a long hard/emotional road. Ms. Baker guided me all the way, kept up on all time sensitive filings (for me and for my ex) etc… It was costly… and worth every cent! She is extremely knowledgable and knew what she was doing all the way and definitely, was amazing during trial!! She was very honest with me whether good or bad. I HIGHLY recommend her!!! She was my peace in the middle of a very rough storm. Just knowing she was taking care of things, kept some of the stress off of me!

Patricia T.

When I needed legal representation several months ago, I was fortunate to meet with Heather Baker. From the beginning she was kind, supportive and represented me in a most professional manner. She worked very hard to bring about a resolution to my case which I was most pleased and satisfied. If ever, in the future, should we ever need legal representation, I would not hesitate to contact Ms. Baker. She was an absolute joy to work with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

It was a pleasure to write this review for her and the law firm she represents.

Virginia M.

Heather Baker is an exceptional family law / divorce attorney. She is extremely competent; quick to respond to questions; and a great communicator – ensuring you clearly understand the process. However, her compassion is what makes her truly unique. Although she sees these types of cases every day, she doesn’t make you feel like just another file. She is kind and emphatic to your situation and committed to finding and achieving the best solutions for your family. When I had to trust someone with something as important as my family’s future, I was thankful it was Heather.

L Cheryl Elliston

They helped me through the awful time after my husband’s death.

Devin B.

My family and I were facing one of the toughest challenges of our life. Heather and Laura were there every step of the way. My family and I thank you so very much!

Amber, an Estate Planning client

Mr. Mushkatel helped me with some estate planning and I would highly recommend him in this area. He was incredibly helpful and very to-the-point with me, which is exactly what I needed. In addition to Estate Planning I needed some Financial Planning assistance, and he provided me with three recommendations and recommended I meet with each to see who I felt most comfortable with. I really appreciated this versus him trying to push me to one specific Adviser.

I also liked that he took the time to find out about me, and remembered specific conversations/facts about our first meeting when I returned to sign the documents. It made me feel like a valued client verses a number or a bother which sometimes Lawyers can make you feel.

Joshua Holland, M.

I have been looking for an attorney to handle small business and personal issues as they arise. My preference was for a small firm that could provide individualized and personal service but still has the knowledge and resources to address complex issues. I went to Zack Mushkatel after getting involved peripherally in a complex legal claim. Literally, within three days he had negotiated a settlement that way exceeded my expectations and extricated me from the situation. He is the attorney I’ve been looking for. Hopefully, I won’t need his services very often, but in the event that I do, I know who I’m going to turn to.
Joshua Holland MD

Kelley G.

I was very pleased with the representation I received thank you so much.

David M.

When I found myself the defendant in a case of assault that I did not commit I had to find an attorney. Fortunately I came across Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, and specifically Heather Baker and her assistant Laura Gray. After two frustrating years Heather was able to get the case dismissed and Laura kept me informed in a timely manner of each proceeding. I am so grateful to this law firm and especially to my attorney Heather Baker and her Assistant Laura Gray.

Vickie Brisby-Overman

Wonderful law team to work with. They were very helpful and informative keeping us updated on the progress of our case. I would highly recommend this firm for any legal issues.

Melissa C.

Provided outstanding service! Staff was always kind and helpful and never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response or a callback. Mushkatel always made sure I was informed and understood exactly what was happening and the next steps. Provided clear expectations and was a pleasure to work with.

a Criminal Defense client

Heather is an awesome attorney. She represented me in 2 recent court cases which ended in favorable results. From our very first meeting I felt comfortable entrusting her with my defense. Great job and thank you Heather!

Sally, a Divorce client

She helped me through my divorce and was extremely thorough and worked hard to get me what I needed.

LAC, a Criminal Defense client

Heather Baker was assigned to me as a PD. I had hired an attorney on a criminal matter regarding my ex. I used his credit card to purchase a ticket for our daughter to fly back to our former home to visit her grandparents. He had me charged with ID theft although I had paid the credit card off less than 20 days after I charged it. Well, when my attorney suggested lying (which I knew I could win the case b/c my ex was a proven liar in court) and/or seducing him to drop the charges, I knew I needed a different attorney and entrusted Ms. Baker as my public defender. During my case, she was passionate, caring, determined to do something fair for everyone involved and to ensure that I would not lose my teaching certificate as a result of the action. She communicated with me and was terrific. I put all trust in her and I came out accepting my fault, but as a misdemeanor and thus, no actions toward my career resulted from this (other than losing my initial 65K paying job).

Shelly Martin

Wonderful team of people. Very assuring in my time of loss. Answered my questions and provided guidance quickly and intuitively. Thanks team for making a very difficult time a little easier!

Suzette Whipkey

I will say this out of the nine years that I have used this attorney and his staff has been wonderful I would recommend them to anyone.

Janet B.

I would most certainly recommend the entire legal team.


Zach was a very calming influence and persistent advocate for my personal injury case due to an auto accident. He was very thorough, detail oriented, and was able to provide a very accurate estimate of my settlement’s timeline. It is especially worth noting how much help his paralegal, Nicole Roberson, provided with our medical claims issues. Zach and Nicole provided much needed help with the confusing (and sordid) world of auto accident claims, medical claims, and our health care insurance billing. Zach and Nicole were very responsive to my questions and concerns throughout the settlement process and I was very happy with the final settlement amount. Zach is a consummate professional who I would highly recommend.

Sandra & Michael M.

Very Pleased with the help you provided to us.

Dr. Stephen F.

I have found the firm to be reliable , honest and very knowledgeable. Zach Mushkatel is exceptional.

Ward A.

Honest, sincere, people you can talk to. They really do look out for what’s best for their client not just take the easy, simplest path out of a legal situation.


In a recent legal situation, I turned to Zach for assistance. He was to-the-point, persistent, and took care of the situation in good time. His no-nonsense approach, I feel, can always come in handy when time is of the essence, plain facts are necessary, and insight to a legal problem is needed. I have also used Zach’s services in handling my Will. He is very efficient, precise, and professional. I feel that I can always “go to” Zach for legal assistance.


There are few times in life a person needs an attorney. I never thought I would need one.  But Zach Mushkatel and his team have done an incredible job on our case. They have “taken the bull by the horns”, so the old saying goes and made this case seem like “old school”. They are very professional, not to mention knowledgeable in every aspect of the case thrown their way. They handle it all calmly and very professionally and research every possible lead that might help our case.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have them on our side. They have 5 stars in our book!


Zach did an outstanding job helping to resolve a complex family trust matter. He was thoroughly prepared at all times during my case, which helped drive forward the desired result: justice for my elderly mother.


Our experience with attorney Heather Baker at Mushkatel, Becker and Robbins was the best that could of been expected.  Heather is a competent, intelligent and knowledgeable attorney.  She very thorough in her profession and she doesn’t miss a thing.  It was a pleasure to do business with her.  I recommend her highly.


I used Zach to help me with a divorce case. He was very compassionate and patient with me and to my needs. He listened to what I wanted and was aggressive in getting me what I deserved. He was always honest and ready to stand up for me and my rights.
Zach and his staff always kept me up to date and never backed down during this trying process. I would highly recommend Zach to anyone who wants a hard-working, aggressive, and honest attorney.

Jebediah Evan

I wanted to give a review for Mushkatel Becker and Robbins, they were very professional in handling my case, talked me through my options, and helped me in the hardest times. They were very understanding of everything I needed. Thank you guys!


I have had the opportunity to see Mr. Mushkatel in action. I found that Zach is an honest and trustworthy young man. He is aggressive, and will go the distance to win your case. Zach keeps you informed as to what your legal rights are, and follows through with every matter that comes up.


Heather was very professional and quite aggressive, yielding a positive en on my case. Her fluency and professionalism during my case were exceptional to say the least. Heather kept me abreast of developments throughout my case and was quick to react as needed. She is definitely a great attorney.


Unfortunately, I had a situation where I had to use Heather Baker again. I had no doubts about calling on her expertise. I was very confident after seeing her that I would win our case. She is thorough, and very professional in all that she has done for us. Thank you Heather.


I found Ms. Baker to be very informative, patient and conscientious. I had never needed a trial atty prior to her services, and I was relieved and appreciative for her time spent explaining procedures. Also, She was professional and excellent in court proceedings. Her delivery was strong and direct. Even though her services far exceeded the set amount of fees, she did not charge any further amount. In the end, after a difficult year in proceedings, I was exceedingly released and grateful for the outcome. Thank you.


Great to work with, professional, articulate (understandable to the average Joe (like me). Has the voice to express full confidence that she will take care of business… about all one could ask!


Heather pursued all avenues to have my charge of a DUI reduced to Reckless, from questioning the integrity and honesty of the arresting officer, the validly of the field sobriety tests, to the evaluation of my medical history and the resulting negative effects of a DUI conviction on my medical well-being. Heather was successful in her pursuit of a reduced charge of Reckless Driving. I feel Heather could be better versed in the workings of MVD Administrative Law as it pertains to DUI charges.


We hired Heather Baker recently for a family matter involving physical and mental abuse, and harassment. At our first meeting she was very kind and compassionate and we immediately felt comfortable with her. Throughout the process she was in good communication with us as to how things were going and what to expect in the court room.
She did an excellent job presenting our case and was very professional and confident. We are thankful that this resulted in obtaining the Order of Protection that we needed, one that was previously dismissed at an earlier court date, due to evidence that could not be admitted.
With Heather’s approach to presenting the needed evidence, the outcome was clear. She did a super job and if we need an attorney in the future we would not hesitate to work with her again.

James C.

My experience on checking and writing a codicil to my trust was done extremely well and it was very pleasant


I’ve worked with attorney Zach Mushkatel for several years, his law firm and his staff are of the best and brightest in the industry.

Zach is one of the few truly decorated members of the law profession, who has had several very high profile cases in the media. He is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive, treats all of his clients with utmost respect and professionalism, and as an attorney is very well known and respected in the valley. I highly recommend him for all Personal Injury, DUI, and Corporate law matters.

I opted to go with Mushkatel and Becker as opposed to some of the other big law firms in the valley, my past experience with other lawyers in the valley is that their organizations are so large that sometimes you get lost in the fold of their clients. My experience with Zach was not that way, at all. Despite his case load, I’ve never had a problem with visiting him on short notice.

Paul, a Business client

Zach was recommended to me by a friend to help with some real-estate issues I was having. He took the time to look at my situation and gave me very honest advice. Zach isn’t the type of Lawyer that will tell you what you want to hear, but gives you the honest truth. I really appreciate that.

After working with Zach on the above issue I also decided to switch from my current attorney and use Zach for all my business needs. He has already proven to be a great asset to my business.

Walter, a Mediation client

I had free consultation with Zach and the consult saved me approximately $6000. Zach also counseled me on solutions to my problem. He told me how I could remedy the problem myself and In the event that I was not able to handle the problem myself, he would be available to help me. I have dealt with many lawyers over my time, but Zach impressed me as a trustworthy lawyer to have by my side.

a Discrimination client

Fantastic job and great results. He is tremendous!

a DUI client

Zach is an excellent attorney, I originally hired him for my LLC paperwork filing, but ended up using his services for a DUI. I can’t stress how valuable it was to my case to have someone as reputable and respected by both his peers and state prosecutors as Zach.

He worked the plea process and cut my sentencing and fees down from 45 days (super extreme DUI) to 10 days. Something even he admitted he’s never heard of happening, let alone accomplished. I am thoroughly indebted to Zach, if I could afford it, I’d pay him double what I paid for both my cases. Thank you SO much Mr. Mushkatel.