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What Do Arizona Courts Consider When Setting Child Support Amounts?

By Zachary Mushkatel on

Child support can be a contentious issue for those Arizona families dealing with dissolution or parenting time division. The purpose of child support is provide for the needs of the children despite the separation or divorce of the parents.

Arizona courts consider many factors when deciding whether child support should be ordered in any particular family situation and what the amount of child support should be. Below is a brief description of those variables considered.

  • Child support calculations begin with the schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations, but they do not always end there. Income, responsibilities to support other children, and other factors affect the final calculation.
  • Monthly figures are typically used to calculate child support. If the parent paying child support also contributes to the care of the child, these costs are spread over an entire year when determining child support obligations.
  • Changes in custody or parenting time may affect whether child support is paid, how much child support is paid, and to which parent child support is paid. Parents should speak to their respective attorneys if a modification of child support appears necessary given changes in the family situation. An informal agreement to change child support will not be enforced unless it is formally recognized by a court.

Because child support depends heavily on the individual facts surrounding each family situation, your Arizona family law attorney is your best source for answers to specific questions about your own situation.