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Teens and Parenting Time Plans

By Zachary Mushkatel on


Parents of teenagers who are considering divorce face some of the same challenges as the parents of younger children, as well as some challenges that are unique to raising teens. Arizona’s family law courts prefer that parents create joint parenting time plans when possible, which are intended to allow each parent to remain involved in his or her child’s life during separation and after a divorce is final.

Unlike younger children, teens can often take care of themselves independently for short periods. They are also generally capable of expressing opinions about which parent they would prefer to live with. In addition, extracurricular activities, after-school jobs, and time spent with friends can keep teens away from home for hours after a regular school day, which also changes the dynamic between teenagers and their newly-separated parents.

When creating a parenting time schedule for teens, it is important to acknowledge that you understand and respect the teen’s wishes and that you and your spouse, as the parents, will make the final decision. These task increase the importance  of communicate regularly with your spouse or former spouse.

Like other parenting plans, parenting plans for teens should provide a sense of predictability and security. Although teens are increasingly independent and can be “testy” at times, they still need the sense of safety that comes from knowing when, where, and with whom they are meant to stay.

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