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How Does Social Media Affect Divorce?

By Heather Baker-Mushkatel on

In an increasingly interconnected era, social media sites affect every aspect of our lives, including divorce. While studies have not found a link between divorce rates and the rise of social media, behavior on social media sites has become part of many divorce proceedings.

How can you remain connected via social media without providing information that can be used against you in divorce procedures?

Consider the following tips:

  • Avoid airing personal grievances on social media. If you need to let off steam, talk to a trusted friend face-to-face or via a more private channel.
  • The best protection is not to mention your divorce on social media at all. This includes comments about your finances, living situation, or custody of your children.
  • Skip Foursquare, Google Places, and other sites that allow you to “check in” to certain locations. These leave a trail of your whereabouts that your spouse may use against you in some situations.
  • Use the privacy settings to hide your posts from your spouse and mutual friends. For best results, make your entire account private and allow access only to those select individuals you feel you can trust – even then, avoid venting to these friends online.

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