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Infants and Setting Up Parenting Time in Arizona

By Zachary Mushkatel on


“Parenting time” in Arizona is typically shared between divorcing spouses who are both the parents of a child. How parenting time is scheduled depending on the particular circumstances of each family — including the parents’ schedules and the age and needs of each child.

When scheduling parenting time with an infant, parents need to make special considerations. Infants are often a source of joy to their parents, who love watching how quickly they learn, grow, and begin to respond to familiar faces. However, infants also need full-time care, and many experts suggest that regular bedtime, bath-time, and mealtime routines benefit a growing infant. Working these routines into a parenting plan allows each parent to share to participate in these activities with the baby.

While infants have minimal abilities to verbally communicate, they can and do respond to different parenting styles. As a result, parents benefit from discussing child rearing methods and approaches. If discussions between the parents are contentious, such conflicts should never take place in front of the child.

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