Why Having an Attorney for Divorce Meditation is Essential

If you are considering filing for divorce in Arizona or you are going through the divorce process, you may be considering mediation as a method for settling issues related to the divorce without going to court. While mediation offers several benefits, it should not be used as a substitution for speaking to an experienced Arizona family law attorney.

A divorce lawyer can help you navigate mediation successfully in several ways.

Some of the ways a divorce attorney can assist you include:

  • Helping you discuss and evaluate your options. An attorney can help you understand the full range of options available and evaluate which ones are best suited to your particular divorce situation.
  • Coaching you during mediation. During mediation, your attorney can help you understand the law and how it applies to your situation. Your attorney can help you apply this knowledge to weigh your choices, improving your ability to make the best decisions for yourself and your children.
  • Managing the mediation process. A neutral third-party mediator typically has the responsibility for managing mediation, but your attorney can also help keep things moving smoothly.
  • Predicting outcomes and costs. Experienced divorce attorneys have been through mediation and litigation before. They can give you a range of possible outcomes and a range of costs to expect for each option available.
  • Reviewing agreements and preparing documents. If mediation succeeds in settling one or more issues, your attorney can review or draft agreements that accurately reflect what you and your spouse agreed on in mediation. Your attorney can also prepare any documents necessary for mediation or court.

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