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Arizona Accident Stats

By Zachary Mushkatel on

Data analytics dashboard on computer screen in office showing car accident statistics.

According to the 2017 Arizona Crash Facts Summary from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), over the course of the year, 127,064 total crashes occurred in the state. Out of those crashes:


  • 919 were fatal
  • 37,823 caused injuries
  • 88,322 resulted in property damage only.

A total of 1,000 people died in crashes in Arizona, and 55,474 people suffered injuries.

The Arizona motor vehicle accident attorneys of Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, PLLC, provide this review of Arizona accident statistics in order to help people to understand the most common causes and factors involved in these crashes.

Overall Accident Trends in Arizona

The 127,064 total accidents in Arizona were the highest total since the 141,193 crashes which the state recorded in 2007. The number of fatal crashes has increased each year since 2010. However, the 37,823 injury crashes were less than the 38,634 reported in 2016, which ended five straight years of increases. The 1,000 fatalities were the highest total since 1,071 people died in crashes in 2007. At the same time, the 55,474 people injured was the first decrease after five consecutive years of increases.

Estimated Costs of Arizona Auto Accidents

According to ADOT, the average economic cost per incident was:

  • $5.8 million per fatality
  • $400,000 per suspected serious injury
  • $80,000 per suspected minor injury
  • $42,000 per possible injury
  • $4,000 per property damage only.

No county had higher estimated costs than Maricopa County. The estimated economic loss in Maricopa County was $6,066,226,000 in 2017. Of this total:

  • $2,685,400,000 involved fatalities
  • $3,115,590,000 related to injuries
  • $265,236,000 related to property damage only crashes.

Where Crashes Happen in Arizona

Of the total crashes in 2017, urban crashes accounted for 82.5 percent (104,810), while rural crashes accounted for 17.5 percent (22,254). Maricopa County had far and away the highest totals in all categories with:

  • 93,596 total crashes
  • 435 fatal crashes
  • 26,852 injury crashes
  • 66,309 property damage only crashes.

The 463 people killed and 39,131 people injured in Maricopa was also the highest of any county.

The next four counties with the highest number of total crashes were:

  • Pima County (11,707)
  • Pinal County (3,977)
  • Coconino County (3,818)
  • Yavapai County (3,565).

Pima County was second-highest in all categories, with 111 fatal crashes, 4,622 injury crashes, and 6,974 property damage only crashes. Additionally, 114 people died in Pima County crashes, and 6,733 people were injured.

When Crashes Happen in Arizona

Most crashes in Arizona occurred during daylight hours, or 90,444 total crashes, 417 fatal crashes, 26,894 injury crashes and 63,133 property damage only crashes. A majority of accidents also occurred during clear weather conditions, or 113,225 total crashes.

In terms of total crashes during the week, Sunday was the only day that averaged less than 10,000 urban crashes with 8,716, but Friday had the highest number of total urban crashes and fatal urban crashes.

An ADOT breakdown identified:

  • March as the peak month for all crashes
  • Friday as the peak day for all crashes
  • 5-6 p.m. as the peak hour for all crashes.

The peak date for all crashes in 2017 was January 20 (640 crashes), and the peak date for fatal crashes was December 22 (eight crashes).

In terms of holidays, Thanksgiving had the highest number of fatal crashes (16) as well as the highest number of people killed (17) in 2017. Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day both had five alcohol-related fatal crashes.

Why Crashes Happen in Arizona

In terms of causes of crashes, it is important to note that “no improper action” was cited in the highest number of total crashes (124,012), fatal crashes (532), injury crashes (38,230) and property damage only crashes (85,250). The next most common cause cited was speeding or going too fast for conditions. This factor contributed to:

  • 43,653 total crashes
  • 173 fatal crashes
  • 13,603 injury crashes
  • 29,877 property damage only crashes.

The next most common causes of total crashes were:

  • Failure to yield right of way (21,981)
  • Unsafe lane changes (8,513)
  • Following too closely (7,794).

ADOT listed alcohol use by a driver in 4,675 total crashes, 225 fatal crashes, 1,924 injury crashes and 2,526 property damage only crashes. It is important to note that driver condition was unknown in nearly 20,000 total crashes.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes

The 1,702 pedestrian accidents in Arizona in 2017 accounted for 1.34 percent of the total crashes. Out of these crashes, 222 resulted in deaths, while 1,438 caused injuries. The 1,702 pedestrian crashes, 226 pedestrians killed and 1,510 pedestrians injured in 2017 were all the highest totals of any year dating back to 2013. In terms of age groups, pedestrians between ages 45 and 54 accounted for the most pedestrians killed with 48, while pedestrians between the ages of 25 and 34 accounted for the most pedestrians injured with 265.

Fewer bicycle crashes occurred in Arizona in 2017. ADOT recorded 1,490 total bicycle accidents. That total included 33 fatal crashes and 1,366 which resulted in injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

The 2,907 motorcycle crashes in 2017 in Arizona accounted for 2.29 percent of total crashes. This total included 156 fatal crashes, 2,274 injury crashes and 477 property damage only crashes.

The 161 motorcycle fatalities were the most of any year since 2013. The first harmful event reported in 1,710 crashes was collision with a vehicle in transport, followed by overturning in 673 crashes and collision with a fixed object in 292 crashes.

In terms of age groups, motorcyclists ages 45 to 54 accounted for the most motorcyclists killed with 41, while motorcyclists 25 to 34 years of age accounted for the most motorcyclists injured with 558. Out of the 2,969 motorcyclists involved in these crashes, 1,500 wore helmets, while 632 did not wear helmets.

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