“Heather pursued all avenues to have my charge of a DUI reduced to Reckless, from questioning the integrity and honesty of the arresting officer, the validly of the field sobriety tests, to the evaluation of my medical history and the resulting negative effects of a DUI conviction on my medical well-being. Heather was successful in her pursuit of a reduced charge of Reckless Driving. I feel Heather could be better versed in the workings of MVD Administrative Law as it pertains to DUI charges.”


“We hired Heather Baker recently for a family matter involving physical and mental abuse, and harassment. At our first meeting she was very kind and compassionate and we immediately felt comfortable with her. Throughout the process she was in good communication with us as to how things were going and what to expect in the court room.

She did an excellent job presenting our case and was very professional and confident. We are thankful that this resulted in obtaining the Order of Protection that we needed, one that was previously dismissed at an earlier court date, due to evidence that could not be admitted.

With Heather’s approach to presenting the needed evidence, the outcome was clear. She did a super job and if we need an attorney in the future we would not hesitate to work with her again.”

James C.

“My experience on checking and writing a codicil to my trust was done extremely well and it was very pleasant.”


“I’ve worked with attorney Zach Mushkatel for several years, his law firm and his staff are of the best and brightest in the industry.

Zach is one of the few truly decorated members of the law profession, who has had several very high profile cases in the media. He is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive, treats all of his clients with utmost respect and professionalism, and as an attorney is very well known and respected in the valley. I highly recommend him for all Personal Injury, DUI, and Corporate law matters.

I opted to go with Mushkatel and Becker as opposed to some of the other big law firms in the valley, my past experience with other lawyers in the valley is that their organizations are so large that sometimes you get lost in the fold of their clients. My experience with Zach was not that way, at all. Despite his case load, I’ve never had a problem with visiting him on short notice.”

Paul, A Business Client

“Zach was recommended to me by a friend to help with some real-estate issues I was having. He took the time to look at my situation and gave me very honest advice. Zach isn’t the type of Lawyer that will tell you what you want to hear, but gives you the honest truth. I really appreciate that.

After working with Zach on the above issue I also decided to switch from my current attorney and use Zach for all my business needs. He has already proven to be a great asset to my business.”

Walter, A Mediation Client

“I had free consultation with Zach and the consult saved me approximately $6000. Zach also counseled me on solutions to my problem. He told me how I could remedy the problem myself and In the event that I was not able to handle the problem myself, he would be available to help me. I have dealt with many lawyers over my time, but Zach impressed me as a trustworthy lawyer to have by my side.”

A Discrimination Client

“Fantastic job and great results. He is tremendous!”

A DUI Client

“Zach is an excellent attorney, I originally hired him for my LLC paperwork filing, but ended up using his services for a DUI. I can’t stress how valuable it was to my case to have someone as reputable and respected by both his peers and state prosecutors as Zach.

He worked the plea process and cut my sentencing and fees down from 45 days (super extreme DUI) to 10 days. Something even he admitted he’s never heard of happening, let alone accomplished. I am thoroughly indebted to Zach, if I could afford it, I’d pay him double what I paid for both my cases. Thank you SO much Mr. Mushkatel.”