Sally, A Divorce Client

“She helped me through my divorce and was extremely thorough and worked hard to get me what I needed.”

LAC, A Criminal Defense Client

“Heather Baker was assigned to me as a PD. I had hired an attorney on a criminal matter regarding my ex. I used his credit card to purchase a ticket for our daughter to fly back to our former home to visit her grandparents. He had me charged with ID theft although I had paid the credit card off less than 20 days after I charged it. Well, when my attorney suggested lying (which I knew I could win the case b/c my ex was a proven liar in court) and/or seducing him to drop the charges, I knew I needed a different attorney and entrusted Ms. Baker as my public defender. During my case, she was passionate, caring, determined to do something fair for everyone involved and to ensure that I would not lose my teaching certificate as a result of the action. She communicated with me and was terrific. I put all trust in her and I came out accepting my fault, but as a misdemeanor and thus, no actions toward my career resulted from this (other than losing my initial 65K paying job).”

Shelly Martin

“Wonderful team of people. Very assuring in my time of loss. Answered my questions and provided guidance quickly and intuitively. Thanks team for making a very difficult time a little easier!”

Suzette Whipkey

“I will say this out of the nine years that I have used this attorney and his staff has been wonderful I would recommend them to anyone.”

Janet B.

“I would most certainly recommend the entire legal team.”


“Zach was a very calming influence and persistent advocate for my personal injury case due to an auto accident. He was very thorough, detail oriented, and was able to provide a very accurate estimate of my settlement’s timeline. It is especially worth noting how much help his paralegal, Nicole Roberson, provided with our medical claims issues. Zach and Nicole provided much needed help with the confusing (and sordid) world of auto accident claims, medical claims, and our health care insurance billing. Zach and Nicole were very responsive to my questions and concerns throughout the settlement process and I was very happy with the final settlement amount. Zach is a consummate professional who I would highly recommend.”

Sandra & Michael M.

“Very Pleased with the help you provided to us.”

Dr. Stephen F.

“I have found the firm to be reliable , honest and very knowledgeable. Zach Mushkatel is exceptional.”

Ward A.

“Honest, sincere, people you can talk to. They really do look out for what’s best for their client not just take the easy, simplest path out of a legal situation.”


“In a recent legal situation, I turned to Zach for assistance. He was to-the-point, persistent, and took care of the situation in good time. His no-nonsense approach, I feel, can always come in handy when time is of the essence, plain facts are necessary, and insight to a legal problem is needed. I have also used Zach’s services in handling my Will. He is very efficient, precise, and professional. I feel that I can always “go to” Zach for legal assistance.”