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Archive: Drug Charges

Options for First-Time Drug Offenders in Arizona

By on December 12, 2016 in Drug Charges

first time drug offense

Getting arrested for drug possession in Arizona can carry serious consequences – even if you are a first-time offender. For instance, if you are charged with possession of less than two pounds of marijuana for personal use, you could end...


Should Mothers Be Charged with Child Abuse for Using Drugs While Pregnant?

By on February 29, 2016 in Criminal Defense | Drug Charges

Phoenix criminal defense attorneys discuss the effects of charging mothers whose babies are born addicted to drugs with child abuse.

A newborn infant’s death nearly 15 years ago is still causing a fierce legislative battle in Arizona and other states around the country. At issue is whether the continued drug use of a newborn’s mother is tantamount to “child abuse”...


Arrested for the First Time for Personal Drug Possession in Arizona — What You Can Expect

By on February 17, 2014 in Criminal Defense | Drug Charges

If you have been arrested for personal possession or use of drug paraphernalia for the first time in Arizona, you may be eligible for drug treatment and probation and can avoid jail time. As long as the amount of drugs...