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Sun City Violent Crime Lawyers

If you have been charged with a violent offense in Arizona, a violent crime lawyer from Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker can help

Violent crimes affect every city and state in the country and Arizona is no exception. Arizona imposes harsh sentences for violent offenders. However, numerous innocent people get convicted of committing violent crimes each year. Wrongful arrests and convictions occur due to a variety of reasons ranging from mistaken identity, poor police work, racism, false evidence, and even witnesses who may not be truthful. The consequences of a conviction or even an accusation may be life changing for the defendant.

The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, PLLC, have a proven track record of defending clients in violent crime cases in Arizona. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, we have the experience necessary to fight the charges. We understand how the police and prosecutors put criminal cases together. We have skilled lawyers and investigators on our side who will identify the inadequacies in the prosecution’s case and help strengthen your defense. If you or someone you love has been charged with a violent crime in Arizona, please contact us at (623) 889-0691 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Types of Arizona Violent Offense Charges

Violent crimes are offenses that involve the use of violence in any shape or form. It could include the use of a deadly weapon, physical force, bodily attacks, or even verbal threats. Individuals can face violent crime charges even if no one is seriously injured or even hurt. Examples of violent crimes in Arizona include the following:

  • Child abuse: The physical or sexual mistreatment of children.
  • Aggravated assault: A reckless attack with intent to cause injury or a fear of imminent bodily harm. Simple assault becomes aggravated assault in Arizona when a deadly weapon is used or when the attack results in a serious injury. Aggravated assault may also be charged if the victim is a certain class of professional—i.e. a police officer, nurse or medical professional.
  • Kidnapping: Knowingly restraining someone for ransom, shield, or hostage; for involuntary servitude; for physical offenses such as sexual offenses or other felonies; for causing fear of imminent physical injury; to interfere with a governmental function or seizing control of an airplane, train, bus, ship or other vehicle.
  • Armed Robbery: The act of taking money or goods from another through force or intimidation with a weapon.
  • Endangerment: This is the act of putting someone in harm’s way. For example, driving drunk with children as passengers is a form of child endangerment.
  • Burglary in the first degree: Burglary is the act of taking property from another by illegally entering their home or business. Burglary of the first degree is when a person unlawfully enters a residence with the intention of committing a crime against the inhabitant.
  • Domestic Violence: This is violence that happens between individuals with a specific relationship.
  • Robbery: This is when a person takes property from the person or home of another individual without lawful authority.
  • Sexual assault: The act of forcing another to engage in unwanted sexual acts or committing sexual acts upon someone without consent.
  • Vehicular manslaughter: Also known as vehicular homicide, this is when reckless behavior behind the wheel results in someone’s death.
  • Manslaughter: Manslaughter is the act of killing a human being without malice aforethought.
  • Second degree Murder: This is a non premeditated killing resulting from an assault.
  • First degree Murder: This is the deliberate and premeditated murder of another.

Consequences for Violent Crimes in Arizona

All violent offenses may carry severe penalties. A conviction often results in hefty fines as well as jail or prison time. The majority of violent crimes in Arizona are prosecuted as felonies. So, the consequences can be severe. This is particularly true in cases involving injuries and the use of deadly weapons. Jail time and fines are not the only penalties that violent offenders will face. The creation of a criminal record can have a long lasting effect on an individual’s ability to integrate back into society or find gainful employment. Many employers perform background checks on their applicants. If someone has a violent past, potential employers may not even seriously consider the application.

Hire a Sun City Violent Crime Lawyer Committed to Your Best Interests

The experienced violent crime defense attorneys at Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, PLLC, understand the high stakes in these criminal cases. We know that your personal life, career, and future hang in the balance. If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, you need a skilled defense lawyer on your side who will protect your rights and best interests every step of the way. Please contact us at (623) 889-0691 for a free, comprehensive, and confidential consultation  at our SurpriseSun City, or Scottsdale law office location.

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